25 April 2020

FIW Buildings

Next up in solo testing of new rulesets is Muskets and Tomahawks v2. Myself and my friend Iannick have played a number of games with our FIW figures, but always in summer or fall kit. My image of this war is small units trudging through the snow. I have quite a bit of winter terrain and a mat for my WWII gaming, the buildings I have are a 20th century and 1/72 scale. My figures for FIW are 28 mm so I felt I needed a couple of buildings.

These 2 buildings are actually from Najewitz Modellbau's ACW collection but they looked OK for FIW. I had to scale them up, and I used Wood PLA to print them. I find the Wood PLA gives a nice effect. Once printed these buildings were washed with GW contrast paints and then drybrushed with acrylics. It seems to work, they were then winterized. I am happy with the result. I would like to find a log building as well as some fencing to add to the collection.

Next on to a playtest of the rules.