27 March 2020

Bag the Hun

Strange Times, but Wargaming has to continue! Myself and my friend Pierre-Yves played our first wargame last night by a remote video hook-up. The set up was in Montreal while I connected to there by Google Hangouts. P-Y had a 5 camera set up which worked quite well and there was very little lag as we played the game.

We decided to play Bag the Hun, a TFL WWII aerial combat game, this was my first time playing the game and P-Y's third, it actually went very smoothly and we both had a good time. We played the starter scenario from the book which utilized a single section of 4 planes aside, I had 4 Me-109's and P-Y had 4 Spitfires. 
Germans coming from left, the photo demonstrates  that the Brits are having difficulty as they are looking directly in the sun
In an open Finger Four formation
Terrific job by P-Y on the aircraft and the stands, especially the altitude indicators.
Brits in a closed Finger Four formation
1/600 scale...just beautiful.
I split off my original formation in to 2 pairs, can  not see it well here but I sent by Klink, with his wingman in a long loop to his left, while the other pair attacked from behind.
I was able to down 2 spitfires and have all 4 Me 109's to base...beginner's luck!
I really liked the game, it was relatively easy and fun to play, it is slightly chart heavy but I actually felt like I was a Schwarmfurhrer, leading his 4 Me-109's. I really got a sense of maneuver from the game.I really have to thank P-Y, it was a lot of work for him moving the planes etc but I believe he had fun as well.

In respect to the video set up, it went well, the only thing I had difficulty with was seeing the actual direction of the planes, I think P-Y is going to slightly modify the flight stands. I am trying to download OBS on my computer so I can add a remote camera showing my dice box...I threw my own dice but it would have been more dramatic if my opponent could directly see the throw as it happened. I think P-Y is planning a campaign so more to come. The game itself where there is a simple terrain with hexes, lead itself well to long distance gaming.


  1. Awesome, looking forward to our next game!

  2. Very nice! 5 cameras - that's impressive! Any idea where those fight stands came from?