20 August 2019

WWII AB British

And up next we have our British platoon. Again set up for Late War but also can be used fror Early War. Thes are all AB except for the 2pd ATG.
Basic platoon with 3 sections, 2 SL's as well as 2 men Piat and 2" Mortar teams.
This allows me to field either the 1939 platoon or the 1940 platoon. These easly war platoons had Boys ATR teams with 2 men. The 1940 sections had a 11 men but 2 had to man the ATR so 1 extra rifleman was needed. I decided not to bother to paint up new rifle-armed JL's.
Vickers MMG Team
Six man Engineer section with JL with a 3 man Flamethrower Team.
Some Snipers
Extra 2" Mortar and Piat Teams
6pder, 17pder and 2pder interchangeable ATG teams. The 2 pder is from Zvedza.
Lots of room for a tank or an extra section.

Here is the smaller Chessex with a Paratroop Platoon. These are TQD figures.
So a bit of fun painting. Hopefully will do me for a while, I have quite a few vehicles and AFV's for the Brits so pretty good there. 

Time to start painting something completely different.


  1. Lovely work John, as you know I'm a big fan of AB, they are great figures and you have a very handsome looking platoon there.