07 August 2019

The Black Brunswickers in a Smaller Scale!

Brunswick Corps at Waterloo
Black-uniformed Avantgarde
Light Brigade
Lieb and 1st Light
2nd and 3rd Light
Line Brigade: 1st, 2nd and 3rd with their glorious colours
Cavalry Brigade
The Black Duke
I finally recieved the final units required to complete the Brunswick Corps at Waterloo. All AB Figures of course. Unfortunately with Napoleonics, one is never finished and I just have noticed that the Brunswick Artillery figures and guns are now available and I think there is also some ADC's. So 2 units of artillery yet to be added and I will need 4 ADC's. One of my favourite armies to be sure. They just look terrific!

I will photograph Perponcher's Division in the Netherland's Order of Battle in the next day or two as they are complete as well.All painted by Old Guard Painters in the Ukraine.


  1. These look excellent John. I have the Brunswick Corps for 1815 in 28mm and it has to be one of my all time favorite formations to get onto the table.

  2. Lovely painted AB figures John.
    cheers John

  3. Looking very good, John. My own 25 mm Brunswickers (Minifigs) are certainly one of the lightest used in my collection. Now that my Spanish and British troops are essentially done,. perhaps that will change?