25 August 2019

Hobby Bunker Games Day-8-24-19

Hobby Bunker had it's annual summer gamesday yesterday, there seemed to be an excellent turnout with lots of good looking games. Unfortunately I got wound up into the two games I played and completely neglected to take any photos of the other games.

This was a fan based WWII Tactical ruleset  on the Napoleonic Boardgame Manoeuver. Gabriel from New Hampshire put together the ruleset and from what I understand is hoping to get it published. I really thought it was a lot of fun, a lot of decision making but mechanics were quite simple. Definitely would play it again, so I hope he gets it published.

Microarmour with each element representing a believe a company.
Hex based movement
Eas=ch unit was combined arms with 1 infantry company and 1 armoured company allowed in each hex.
I got crushed!
Sharp Practice
My friend Mike put on a great game  of SP2, I believe set in 1813, just prior to the Battle of Bussaco.
He really has fantastic figures and put on a great game. The other two players had not played before and although I have played it was not for some time. Mike did a brilliant job on teaching the rules and keeping the game flowing.
Do not let the 95th get in hard cover!
A failed but glorious charge of the French Dragoons against the British Red Line.
I really had a great time, and thanks to the Hobby Bunker owner, Matt Murphy for hosting such a great event. 

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  1. Sounds like a great day; did anyone else post pics of the other games?