03 May 2024

Serafimovich Redux-Game 2


A week ago myself and Dan got together to play our next game in our Battle of the Sunflowers campaign set in August of 1942 during the German Fall Blau operation. We cannot use the same platoon in consecutive games, so we had a fresh platoon for this game. This time the Italians did not use their motocyclistes as they have only one mounted platoon.

Italian Attackers- 3rd Bersaglieri (FM 8)

Bersaglieri Autoportati Platone #2 (Superior Regulars FR -1)

1 Senior Leader

3 Squadras of 13 men, lead by a JL (3 man Breda LMG w/ rifleman team, 8 man Rifle team)

Supports 7

2 x L3/35 tanketes


Soviet Defenders-154th Rifle Division (FM 11)

Platoon #2 (Regulars FR 0)

1 Senior Leader

4 sections of 11 men, lead by a JL  (no teams, LMG with 3 crew and 7 rifles)

Supports 3

M1937 45mm ATG

The Game

I put down the correct terrain in this game using roads rather than walls.

Patrol Markers
JOP's, Dan certainly emerged better out of the Patrol Phase
The position of my PM's did not allow me to get deployment in cover for both flanks which was a real challenge as Dan took 3 vehicles and I really had only the ATG to stop them.
Dan deployed all his forces quite quickly which worked well for him. This included 2 and 1/2 squads on the field as well as the 2 tankettes and a rifle team in the car. He decided to attack my left flank as my ATG was covering my right. Above you can see the infantry squads with one of the tanketes. I was able to take out of the tanketes with the ATG but then had to move it to my left flank to get cover there. Dan then deployed the car with the rifle team on his left causing me to have to deploy one of my sections on my far right flank.
I deployed one of my sections in the wood to counter the attacking Italians and as you can see from the above photo, I had quite a distance to swing over the ATG to protect my left.
Dan then made a choice and it worked, he launched an attack with all his whole infantry force, it was quite costly for both sides but the Soviets did not have overwhelming forces, so it ended up in a second combat and the defenders broke. By then I had also brought my ATG team across but they got caught in the crossfire and got pinned.
My FM had dropped to zero, a forced withdrawal and an Italian Victory!

Well, a very well played game by Dan from picking his supports to calling those last 2 charges that sent my FM to zero. 

The Butcher's Bill

Italian Platoon #2 (FM5)
7 figures lost
3 dead, 2 missing
CO 0
MO -3
Outlook Affable

Soviet Platoon #2  (FM0)
11 figures lost
5 dead, 3 missing
CO 0
MO -1
Outlook Thoughtful

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