30 May 2024

28 mm Tanks

An early project for our Historical Wargaming Club in Montreal was to paint up 2 platoons of 28 mm figures, this was group effort and was relatively successful. Recently one of our members started playing a new ruleset from Warlord Games, Achtung Panzer. As a contribution to this effort, I decided to print some tanks with my resin printer. I play WWII in 20mm rather than 28mm, so this was a novel project for me. I had a look around but I then realised that I already had some STL's that I could use from the Hürtgen Forest kickstarter. The first 2 tanks I printed, a PzIV and a Hetzer went well. I printed the pre-supported versions and they came out of the printer without problem. I had a lot more problems with the M10 Tank Destroyer, for some reason the pre-supported versions were unsuccessful, so I had to add the supports myself. They looked good but when I was painting them I realised that on one side the wheels on the tracks were malformed. It was not that noticeable so I finished the paint job.

I forgot to take photos until after I had placed them in the cabinet, so the images are somewhat limited. The paint jobs are quite simple, I added some stowage. It was a bit of a challenge to find decals but I did apply some. Overall they are certainly serviceable for gaming. I may try to add more at a later time but on to different projects now.

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