20 May 2024

Huzzah 2024

I had a nice day Saturday meeting up with some old gaming friends in Portland, Maine. This is the major gaming convention in the northeast of the US and is generally well attended. There were quite a few games but maybe less vendors than usual. I only went up on the Saturday, but got in 2 games.

Devil in San Miguel

This is an offshoot of the Devil in the Wilderness but has a weird west setting with a large Lovecraftian element. The characters in the game are the descendants of the Mather and Burrough's faction from the original game who are involved in a generational conflict between good and evil. Interesting enough though one can also have a K'y-an faction which should be known to any fan of Lovecraft's novella, The Mound.  How cool is that. Our game had 6 players with the Witch-Hunters facing off against the Witches. The game appears to more streamlined than the original and I certainly enjoyed myself. Here are a few photos. The rules are quite simple and I would play again and I hope to put on a game myself.

Force on Force Chad-2008

I played this game in the afternoon, I had never played Force on Force, and as I was quite curious about the ruleset I signed up for this game. It was also my introduction to wargaming in the 21st century, a period characterised by asymmetric conflicts. Here we have an UN Irish peace force trying to get a convoy of aid across southeastern Chad. A rebel faction of insurgents is trying to stop them to capture the aid. This was certainly a very impressive set up. The terrain was just amazing as were all the figures and vehicles. I should note that the games-master won best of session.  I quite enjoyed the game, and the rules were quite good but I believe they might have a bit of a learning curve. I would play again.

A day well spent.