13 August 2022

Warfare in the Age of Reason

On Wednesday of this week, I got together with some seasoned war-gamers in the Montreal area. Unusually they were all retired, like myself, so we were able to play in the afternoon à L'abyss. I had met Graham the week before when I had hosted an introductory game of CoC for him and Luis. He reciprocated by seeing up a game with two other gamers, Don and Doug. I believe they have all been gaming together for sometime.

Graham had decided on a game of Warfare in the Age of Reason, a ruleset that I had not heard of before. This ruleset covers a period from the Great Northern War to the American War of Independence, a period I believe referred to as the Kabinettskriege. I have minimal familiarity with this period and really only with the FIW in respect to Skirmish wargaming. My earliest tactical wargaming has been Napoleonics, of which I have played a number of rulesets. The game we played was set in the AWI, I believe he said it was historically based. 

Although unfamiliar to the period and to the ruleset, I was looking forward to the game as I had not played any tactical wargaming for quite sometime as any chance to play Général d"Armée or Pickett's Charge have dried up for me in Salem.

Doug and Don took the British/Loyalist force while myself and Graham played the Rebels. I found the ruleset fairly easy to follow, aside from the movement which I find difficult to follow in all games where the battalion/regiment is the main tactical unit. Not much else is new! 

I have to say I had quite a lot of fun, good dicing (difficult to say good tactics) won the game for the Rebels. I felt the rules were quite smooth and they did not get in the way of what we were all trying to accomplish. I have to thank Graham for hosting the game, it is always a lot of work to ferry about a lot of figures (which were superbly painted by the way), as well as terrain and a mat. It was quite a beautiful game as you can see from the few photos I took. Alos thanks to Don and Doug for being such great players.


  1. It was a pleasure John and you played well. No doubt there will be more AoR games in the future.

  2. I used to play this game in college. It's a lot of fun but more detailed than many people want.

    1. Thanks Adam, I think most of the games I play now are pretty detailed but it is a little old school.