11 August 2022

Algy Pulls a Fast One

On Tuesday evening, I went to P-Y's for a game of Algy. We decided to go with the fast play rules that were in one of the TFL specials from some years ago. This was our 2nd game and we decided to go with the Fast Play version as they seemed quite streamlined and I found the charts much easier to interpret. The only thing, I found odd was the 12 altitude bands. This is not a big deal in itself but it was a little harder to keep track of as P-Y's stands have only 6 gradations, and to be honest I think it would be impossible to put 12 marks on each dial. We also used ground fire but that does nor come into play until you are at altitude 6.  I suspect 12 altitude bands is accurate but I believe it would not change the playability if there was 6, and changed the ground fire to 3.

I had 3 Sopwith Camels and P-Y had 3 Albatross's. We had a lot of fun with the game and I thoroughly enjoyed it, as it was the Germans were quite successful in the air battle driving off my Squad Leader quite early in the game, forcing him to head across the channel. He was soon followed by his 2 fellow pilots. If I remember 2 of my planes took some damage but by dropping altitude rapidly they were all able to safely land in Blighty. I do not remember the Germans suffering any damage. 

Of note this is the first time we played BtH or Algy in person and it was much easier than playing it virtually.

The battle ensues
Everyone is on everyone's tail!
The Sopwiths limping across the channel

I will look forward to our next game. I think this would be a great ruleset with which to start a campaign.


  1. Awesome! I've a soft spot for WW1 airplanes. I'll have to check this game out.