01 March 2022

Normandy Campaign-Lion-sur-Mer

About a month ago, I discovered on the CoC FB page that a CoC player in the Netherlands was planning a massive campaign involving the Normandy Landings in June of 1944. I got in contact through Discord, where the campaign lies, with Jur who is organising the campaign. I am still not sure of the total scope of the project but I know it will be played out over 3 beaches with multiple planned games. All the Allied positions had been taken but I was able to secure one the German company commanders. If I have it right, I have 3 platoons of IR716. They are presently defending Lion-Sur-Mer (/3), Douvres-la-Délivrande (/1) and Saint-Aubain-sur-Mer (/2). 

Yesterday I had my first battle in the campaign at Lion-our-Mer with IR716/3 defending against a platoon from the British 3rd Infantry Division. We played the game on my Discord and although this was Jur's first virtual tabletop Wargame, it went quite well.

Here are some photos of the table set up, we played the 3rd scenario from the CoC main book "Attack and Defend". 

The British are attacking from the left.

We played the patrol phase on P-Y's ap, this worked very well.


British 3rd Infantry Division (platoon #1)
FM 9
Supports 3
Standard British Rifle Platoon

German 10.Kp.IR.736
FM 9
Supports 1
Standard German Grenadier Platoon

The Game

Jur brings on his green section

They hop the hedge and the Brits take a bit of a pounding from blue squad behind the stone wall. The British yellow squad has also advanced but I place my green squad in one of the buildings, they have good  LOS and take out the British JL.
Unfortunately the blue German squad behind the fence takes on a lot of fire and as you can see they are down to 5 men.
I pull them back behind the building to their right and bring on my yellow squad to replace them.
The British blue section advances on the British left flank.
I decide to exit my green squad from the building.

Jur has placed his 2" mortar behind the hedge and they accurately throw smoke to block the Germans LOS and protect their advance.
It is going to be a long campaign and after some thought I decide to protect my platoon. I have already lost 6 men and while the British have lost 4 and a JL, they are more than 2/3 up the terrain......
.....so I decide to withdraw.

I enjoyed the game and look forward to the next game. Jur played quite well and will be a worthy opponent.

Butcher's Bill

British Platoon #1 (3rd ID)

2 dead, 2 missing
CO +2
MO 0

German Platoon 10.Kp.IR.736

3 dead, 2 missing
CO -1
MO -1

Tactical Decisions

withdraw German IR716/3 to Hermanville-sur-Mer

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  1. Beautiful table - very impressive
    Are the fields custom made for this scenario?
    Also wondering where the roads came from