06 January 2022

Gung Ho-Under the Breadfruit Trees (5)

Despite some of our players not being able to play, we had our next game in our Gung Ho campaign yesterday. We had Mikko and Eero for the USMC and Petri for the IJA, I am hoping that Jarkko a new IJA player will be able to play in our next game. As usual we played on Discord and it remains an excellent choice for online tabletop gaming.


2nd Marine Raider Battalion

Platoon #2
2 SL's
3 Raider Squads with Superior JL's and 9 men

Supports (11)
Raider squad
extra BARs for 1 squad
Native Assistance

Leathernecks Wild Card (2 extra CoC dice)

Japanese (FM 9)
62nd Garrison Force (missing 15 men)

1 SL
1 Inferior SL
3 LMG Buntai's with JL's
Knee Mortar Buntai with JL and 3x50mm Mortars

Supports (5)
Barbed Wire (2)


Patrol Phase

We started off using P-Y's patrol ap, smaller dots represent the JOP's. This was the "Delaying Action" scenario for the main rulebook. The Raiders have to capture the IJA JOP in the shaded error. I felt both sides did well with good options for deployment.

The table for Game 3 with JOP's

There was no surprise that Mikko went with a new platoon, unfortunately Petri only has one platoon for the campaign, so he dropped a full infantry squad and removed a man from each of his knee mortars teams. Having taken the wild card Leathernecks was going to be an enormous advantage in this game for the Raiders as their victory condition required them to capture the JOP in the shaded area and end the turn with one of their CoC die.

The Raiders started off quite aggressively placing 2 of their squads with one of their SL's down south of the road in the first couple of phases and advancing them towards the collection of huts. They quickly followed with with a third squad advancing tactically and once to the jungle edge went on overwatch or laid covering fire on some of the huts. The IJA refused to deploy which is usually a good idea when being the defender.
Eero with his 2 advancing squads
Green squad laying down covering fire as well as being on Overwatch
Blue squad ready to launch an assault on the objective.
Mikko used Native Assistance to force the IJA to deploy a squad, Petri deployed his knee mortars out of LOS on the edge of the table. Unfortunately when I based my pacific forces, I used a single base which makes it much more difficult to track casualties, thus the white crosses. Hopefully I will get a chance to rebase them some time in the future. 
The Raiders used one of their CoC dice to move 1 JOP forward as you can see in the first photo, they then deployed their yellow and pink squads to cover the blue squad advance to the objective. Multiple double phases allowed the blue raider squad to advance, enter it and then end the turn thus winning the game. I believed we played for about 90 minutes.

Mikko's dice throwing at the end of the game gave very little chance of Petri replying to the Raiders advance in any meaningful way. Three double phases in a row with 1 to 2 CoC dice in hand is a commanding position for any attacker. So on to table 4, hopefully next Wednesday.

Butcher's Bill

There was not a shot fired, so no men lost. The USMC will go into the next game with an intact squad while the IJA will be down 13 men.

USMC (platoon 2)

Final FM 9

CO +5 (+1 support)
MO 0
Platoon Leaders Outlook Sociable (+1 FM)


Final FM 9
13 dead

CO killed, no further tracking.
MO 0
Platoon Leaders Outlook Merry


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