15 January 2022

Some Figures for Devil in the Wilderness (and the FIW)

I have been adding to my DiW collection, I really needed some more Supernaturals as well as some support unit for my two factions of Witches and Witch Hunters. I left my FiW collection in Montreal so needed some Milice Acadien as well as local Massachusetts Militia. I also need some civilians but I have not sourced them yet, the civilians for the FiW from Conquest Miniatures (now sold by Warlord Games) and Brigade Games are excellent but I have them all and would like some different ones. If anyone has any suggestions please put them forward. I still have a few FiW figures lying about unpainted so I am trying to use these up. Of course I appreciate the FiW was a hundred years after the period of the Witch hysteria in New England but they work for me.

Lately, I have a look on what is available in the 3Dprint world and although my resin printer (or it might be my 3Dprint skills) does not pump out figures near as nice as the metals from the above 2 sculptors, they are nice enough. I also latterly been using metal bases for all my figures to prevent transport damage and as I plan to be moving about my DiW collection, I felt this was necessary. I found some fairly nice supernaturals on MyMiniFactory, the Zombies are OK but I quite like the Werewolves.
We have 5 Zombies and in the middle is a Witch. Three different poses for the Zombies., this will probably be enough for most games. I do have a bunch of SAGA Revenants that could easily be substituted for Zombies. They are nice enough figures but the definition was really not the best. 

The werwolves came in a pack of 4 from MyMiniFactory, here are 3 of them.  I really like these figures, they are a little delicate so hopefully they will stand up to the rigours of wargaming. They were a lot of fun to paint, I used progressive colours in Scale75 Black and White paint set. The set is useful although it is a little tricky to get good at using them.

I am thinking these miniatures are from the first Brigade Games FiW kickstarter, although they certainly could be from Conquest Miniatures or perhaps a mixture of both although the style is very similar. My friend Iannick tells me there is not a lot of difference between Compagnie branches de la marine and Milice canadien in respect to uniforms. I will use these as Milice for DiW and French Marines for my FiW gaming. I have modelled them as Trois-Rivières.

Certainly very nice figures, these were primed white and then Citadel Contrast white contrast paint was used for the uniform, this really is a great product.

Next on the painting queue are the Militia. They are almost done so hopefully I will get some photos up within the week.

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