05 August 2020

Battle of Summa redux

I hosted a Winter War game yesterday morning over the internet, but this time I was the games master. I have only acted as a games master once before at a minor event some years ago at my local gaming store. I advertised on the Virtual Lard Discord Server, and got 2 players within half an hour. One player was in the state of Victoria in Australia and the other was in Massachusetts. We started at 0900h EDT, I believe it was 2300h in Australia! 

I had sent out the gaming materials through Discord, so both Noah and Will were well prepared. This was a rehash of the game myself and P-Y played a few days ago, but there were extensive changes made to the terrain with some minor changes to the OB.
In addition to the above, I allowed each player to take 2 extra points, Noah (Soviets) took a Pre-game Barrage and Will appropriately took a CoC dice. It took about 4 hours to play and aside from some minor hiccoughs with the Patrol Phase, it is a little unusual in scenario 7, things went well. As the game went along I made suggestions to both players, which I think was OK. I will post some photos of the action.
Finns attacking from the farground.
Getting ready to attack through the gulch
But the Soviets are ready
Russian trucks, one with a Quad Maxim and one with a squad of NKVD
Effective Finnish use of smoke pots to protect their advance
Finnish LMG squad in the open down to their last JL.
A well ordered Soviet defence with a infantry squad and a Maxim
The Finns decide to attack, but the Soviets are on overwatch
Strangely enough the Finns survived the overwatch fire as they charged in with Rynnäkköön!, but superior Soviets numbers eliminated the Finnish attackers and  many FM tests caused their FM plunged to zero, a Soviet Victory. 
I am hoping both players enjoyed the game, I think it was 0300h in Australia when we finished, so Noah must of been a little tired. I also have to admit being a little done in as I had played/gmed 8 hours of CoC in 16 hours! I really enjoyed the experience and I am sure I will set up some more games. As I work shifts and am usually more often available during the day Virtual Gaming has been really working for me, especially with players in other time zones to the east. I am finding it extremely difficult to play in the evenings and am limiting myself to a max of one evening game a week.

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  1. Great looking game John! We should try to organize a online game in the future - that would be a lot of fun.