26 March 2019

The Revenant Warband is Done!

In October 2016, I started to paint up a 4 point Revenant Warband for SAGA. This was a special release from Gripping Beast in coordination with Studio Tomahawk. I followed with a completely different style in the AHPC VII and then again in AHPC VIII another style emerged. Painting the exact same 12 figures does get a little boring so I have gone with yet another style this year. 

I like painting in shades of grey so I thought I would give it a try with this final unit of Levy. I also liked how my Carnevale Raadru came out so I decided to combine the two. Maybe a bit strange but I like them. I could of done a little better job of removing flash from the figures but they have just all crawled out from the dirt so I think it is probably OK. Anyway another SAGA warband done......watch out for these guys Adam.


  1. Very spooky and nicely done

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