24 October 2016

We are Coming!

I know it seems liked I have not been doing much painting but I have, just having some problems with closing the loop recently. Here I present the start of my Revenant faction for SAGA. They are quite unusual in that they are all levy and are not activated by SAGA dice, they do look like an interesting variation to play so I am sure they will see some service in my games with Adam.

I did these figures a couple of weeks ago but did not have the basing done. I am not really big into fantasy wargaming but who says these are fantasy. They were certainly fun to paint. I have 36 more to go but I believe I will save them for The Challenge.

A necromancer of sorts
Figures from Gripping Beast
Went with green theme with blue eyes
I believe there are 24 variations of the levy figures.
Grave pits
These allow one to rapidly move units before deployment
I told myself no more figures primed until I get off what has been already started, these include some 20mm USMC, some 18mm AB Artillery and the other 3 groups of Revenants for this warband. They have only got to the priming stage so I think I will save them for the challenge.

I have some more terrain work to do as well as to base my winter uniformed 20mm Panzergrenadiers which have been sitting around for over a year. I have just made an enormous flag purchase from the Flagdude and have well over a hundred flags to replace on my 18mm Napoleonic army. I also have several new units that I have not photographed yet. Lots to go on with.

Amazingly enough all that is left in my lead pile is some 20mm Australians and some Foundry figures for the new game Congo. There is of course a few residual 28mm Napoleonic figures which are held in reserve in case I need them for Sharpe Practice and some Perry Samurai which I am trying to decide whether to sell or not but that is it.

I am also starting a new CoC campaign in a couple of weeks that looks quite interesting ......... Operation Martlet.


  1. Very nice work they should make an interesting war band

    1. Yes the scenario that came with this warband looks like a lot of fun to play.

  2. They certainly look a dangerous bunch!

  3. A most suitable force for this time of year!

    1. Exactly Peter, who knows I may see some in the Ed this Monday since I am working. I have certainly seen similar in the past.

  4. Very cool, we don't see Fantasy often in these parts ;-)

    How can one not love those grave pits!!