22 February 2013

Clever Boy Prizes and the Price of Admission

Here we have my 9th submission to the Painting Challenge. Thankfully, only 2 more submissions to post in order to catch up.

I recently had a small contest on my blog entitled "A Clever Boy", it entailed answering two questions about some Flemish Mercenaries, I had painted earlier for the Painting Challenge. The winners were David K and Curt C as detailed here in this post.

David asked for a SAGA Viking and Curt wanted a Fleming. Unfortunately I had neither, but I had two Saxons that would do. For David, we have a Viking Bannerman, the latest rendition of SAGA has special rules for Bannerman, so I hope David finds it useful. For Curt we have a Flemish Captain, bearing the arms of the town of Saint-Simon in Picardie, part of historic Flanders.

And finally we have the price of admission to the Painting Challenge: one 28mm Samurai. I am by no means a free hand painter, so I had to pick a family with an easy to paint Sashimono. I was always intrigued by Okudaira Sadamasa's leadership in the seige of Nagashino Castle. Oda Nobunaga was so impressed he gave the Sadamasa the honour of changing is name to Okudaira Nobumasa, thus becoming part of his family. If I remember correctly this seige is retold in my favourite Akira Kurosawa film, Kagemusha.

All the photos are extreme close-ups with many blemishes, but I am hoping the recipients find them of good wargaming standard. They were sent about 10 days ago, so I hope David and Curt have received them.

Viking Bannerman, with banner from LBMS
Actually a Gripping Beast Early Saxon
From the Perry Samurai Range

I find light blue on dark blue is a good combination

Another Early Saxon from GB

I added a Flemish Shield


  1. Great painting John, I'm sure the winners will approve!!

  2. Very nice painting !

    Best regards Michael

  3. Lovely paint job on these, I am sure they will be very happy.