14 February 2013

Brunswick Command

Here are the command stands for my Brunswick Corps with a couple of new basing ideas. First up is the my new divisional stand: A 80x50mm oval. I realized the number of figures I would need for my Napoleonic command stands was just too many, and I also felt the 120x80 mm stands were too big for this level of command. I will stay with this rectangular stand for the Corps and Army command bases ie commands of 12-20k men. For under 12k men, ie. 2-4 brigades, I thought this oval stand looked a lot better and was more appropriate in size for the table. There is also a 50 mm round brigade stand in this collection as well as another new addition, an ADC stand. These 50x25mm ovals will be used for my functional ADC's, ie chaps who have to move about the terrain. FoG Napoleonic ruleset has this as a function and Curt's upcoming ruleset Food for Powder uses them as well. I have always thought that having ADC's running about the terrain would be cool.

These are my 10th submission to the Painting Challenge.

So anyway here we have the Duke of Brunswick with his Adjutant General Olfermann as well as an ADC bringing a message from the front. The Duke was killed at Quatre Bras, and Col Olfermann had to assume command. We also have another ADC on an independent stand as well as Lt Col von Specht commanding the 2nd Line Infantry Brigade. You see that the ADC's have sky blue trousers. I was not sure what colour stripe to put on these trousers, any suggestions?
Brunswick Command Stands less one Brigade Commander

Adj Gen Olferman, ADC, Duke of Brunswick

ADC, Lt Col von Specht

All Figures from Perry Brothers

I would appreciate comments on the colour I should paint the ADC trouser strips.



  1. Lovely work here. This big base is oozing importance and will make for a nice center-piece of your force.

  2. Great work John, can't wait to see them in the flesh!

    That AdC based individually looks like he's looking at his Iphone ;-)

  3. Excellent work John, they look the biz!

  4. Great looking command stand!

  5. Nice paint job, really well done!

    From which sets are the miniatures?
    The Duke himself must be from Perry NBK 1. But the others?


  6. Absolutely top notch! Your Braunschweiger are getting better and better!

  7. I think you made a good choice with the bases. They look good. Nice paint jobs on the miniatures by the way.

    Have a look at mine. Will be publishing a new post later this evening which will show the new and improved painting style for some of my miniatures.

    Nathan's Fiction Sphere

  8. Thank you gentlemen, Monty all miniatures are perry

  9. Great looking command figures, John!

    I'd go with a yellow stripe (or gold - they are officers)for ADC's trousers. Black aside, Brunswick colors are light blue and yellow. Black would be the other main option.

  10. Just came across your blog, that's some really great painting!

  11. Wonderful painting and basing on these.

  12. Wonderful looking command stands. Very nicely done.

  13. Wonderful painting and modeling work on the stands. I like the oval stands. One little nit to pick and that would be to add a little bit more "green" to the stands and have less of the gravel and dirt. I make the same sin on my bases and I constantly have to remind myself to use more static grass and tufts and only have a little bit of dirt showing through.