05 February 2013

Brunswick Avantgarde

Here we have the Brunswick Avantgarde, there were 4 companies of these in the Brunswick Corps at Waterloo, 2 companies of Jagers and 2 companies of lights with muskets. These are Perry figures, I had painted 6 of the Jaegers before as Tyroleans, but these had to be completely repainted as the colours were completely wrong.

These are part of my 7th submission to the Painting Challenge.

They have been individually based on 20 mm round bases as I plan to play them as skirmishers only. I will probably brigade them with the 3 line battalions in the second brigade of the Corps. Let's hope they may also see some Sharp Practice.



  1. These look pretty nice. Not too familiar with the particular tabletop game, but have fun with it :)

    I don't know why, but I always find the ones with more than one model mounted on a base (not if its like a second model being killed on the base or something), it doesn't appeal to me as much.

    What I like in those pictures, is that you've remounted them on individual bases. I think skirmishes would be fun with them. Oh, correction, one of the things I like. Got to make that point clear

  2. Nice work John. I like the detailing in green around the Corsehut.

  3. Very nice looking minis !

    Best regards Michael

  4. Another great looking pack of jaegers John!

  5. Great looking figures, they will be perfect for SP.

  6. Excellent work John. I think your decision to go with single bases works quite well.

  7. They are one of the many, many really interesting units of the period aren't they? Beautiful rendition!

  8. The corsican hats look very smart!