29 June 2012

Some Hanoverians:Feldbattalion Verden

Needed a little break from the Injuns. The 1st Hanoverian Brigade at Waterloo has been a project long sitting on the side table. I have done bits and pieces over the last few years. Initially started when I was still doing 12 figure battalions, at the time I did FB Verden and Bremen, as well as parts of Luneberg and Grubenhagen. I had also substituted some Calpe Landwehr for the feldjager company and have done part of the Hanoverian Foot Battery; both associated with the brigade at Waterloo. Being obsessive  this was driving me crazy, I needed to complete this unit! Over the last two week I have added 12 figures each to the FB's Verden and Bremen as well as almost completed FB Duke of York. The remaining figures needed for the Luneberg and Grubenhagen battalions are in the mail as well as the Howitzer for the foot battery. I hope to get the first 3 battalions painted, terrained and posted in the next few days before I go on my hols.

First up is FB Verden, which I have of course deviated from plan and painted as Line Battalion Bennigsen as they would have been in the summer of 1813. By Waterloo this battalion had evolved into the FB Verden and worn black Shakos. But who can blame me for wanting white ones! Otherwise, I think they are pretty accurate with red coats and green facings.

At Waterloo they were in the brigaded in the 3rd Division of the 1st Corps of the Anglo-Allied army under the Prince of Orange. The battalion was lead by Major de Schkopp and fielded 559 men. So 4 stands painted for a regularly sized battalion for BP, Lasalle, FoB rulesets.
These are of course Victrix figures from the 3 different boxes (can you believe it), mostly assembled by the infamous Lord Hill. Very dynamic poses as one would expect from Victrix, but in my mind an absolute pain. I was happy Lord Hill assembled them for me, but I suppose it was a drop in the bucket to Martin as he is painting the whole British army at Waterloo figure for man!
The figures painted 2 years ago are in the back row and the ones recently painted are in the front. The mounted major is a Front Rank figure.
A Flagdude banner of course, I sure do hope that the problems there get sorted as I would hate to stop using these flags.
Next up FB Bremen, hopefully tomorrow.



  1. Beautiful! Love the grey/white shakos, what a difference they make!!!!

  2. Very nice, John. I agree, the white shakos are very distinctive.

  3. Hah! Don't tell me there's another lost soul that wants to dip it's toes into the campaign in northern Germany!

    I only recentl

  4. Looking great and those shakos do really stand out!


  5. Nice work and distinctive head gear colouring.

    von Peter himself

  6. Certainly a unique look with those white shakos! Great work, John.

  7. Another excellent looking unit John. Very nicely done, and nice to see something so unique as well.


  8. Lovely stuff... even inspite the wrong shako colour! ;-)

  9. Sorry - just realized half my comment got lost.

    ... I only recently started collection forces to reenact play the Battle of the Goehrde.

    I for one fiddle with the hanseatic legion at that point, but what really got me into it were the white belgian Tshakos.