13 January 2012

Death's Head Hussars

Prussian Hussars
I have had these figures for a while and I was unsure whether I was going to paint them or not, as they are not in the Prussian OB for the Waterloo campaign. I then found out that 2-3 squadrons of the Prussian 1st Lieb Hussars were actually seconded to the I Corps. That was enough, I had also told myself that I have to push on with the Calpe figures I have on hand so here we are.

I liked painting these figures, as I like painting lace, but I do dislike painting black leather, it was easy enough on the figures, but I had a tough time getting it right on the saddle rolls behind the rider. I actually started with a white primer and then use GW Baobab Black Wash on the coats, it worked well with a dry brush of the GW Foundation Granite.

The flag is for the SYW and is the standard of the 1st Hussars, it is from Flagdude. I converted one of the troopers. 

After a lot of thought I have decided to paint squadrons of cavalry rather then regiments. It just seemed that cavalry regiments varied greatly in size and that squadrons would be a more accurate way to reflect historical OB's. It also generally fit with my 1:25-30 figure to man ratio I have been using with my infantry battalions. So this unit represents 2 squadrons of Prussian Hussars.



  1. Very nice! I also think squadrons are the way to go, as regiments might only field 2-3 out of 4 in a battle.

    Cheers, Simon

  2. I agre... better squeadrons than regiments. Amazing painting as always!

  3. Really nice painting. I don't own any Prussians but you make them look very tempting. Great blog too.

  4. Great painting as usual. Well done also for the pictures!

  5. Very nicely painted, they look exceptional, I like the idea of painting them up in squadrons, it does make more sense.

  6. Good timing. I just started painting a unit for use with Black Powder. Beautiful work.