30 January 2012

My Army Painter Method

I have finished my main unit (I have painted an extra unit in secret that will be revealed at the same time) for the Les pinceaux de la guerre contest at La Bricole and I thought I would put all the photos in one post for ease of review. The unit is the 6th Neumark Dragoons and the figures are from Calpe.

White undercoat, this is really an excellent airbrush primer
Base coat for litewkas
Dry brush for same
Shako covers and boots
Trouser cuffs/inseams and facings
Metal parts, belts and hair
Finished, but boring
Initial slosh of AP
Taken off with brush within 2-3 minutes
Next  day, it contracts overnight
The horses primed whited, then re-primed with a touch of dark grey in primer
Saddlecloth, watercan, piping, and bags 
Finishing the horseleather, piping, and hoofs. This was the most time consuming detail
Finished figure, not competition winning, but I believe a very good war games standard



  1. Wow! Impressive! Need to rethink my views on Army Painter

  2. A good system John and very good results - anything that gets such good results but saves on painting time (and wear&tear on the old eyeballs!) gets my vote!


  3. Very cool.. guess the AB dip just needs the appropriate models to look good. Have tried them in the past but with disastrous results. Looking good here though, and seemingly to be quick also I guess.

  4. Very very nice painting, you make it look soooo simple!!! Love the effect you get with this method.

  5. Looks great to me and as others have commented anything that speeds up painting without lowering the standard of the finished article is very welcome.

  6. Good tutorial with excellent results. Great stuff, John! I look forward to seeing your 'secret' Le Bricole unit.

  7. Hey, I just noticed 'my' Tentacle Pink! Nice to see it being put to good use!

  8. Thanks for this amazing tutorial. You are too modest! The figures look impresive

  9. Hi John,
    These are really nice!!! This has to be 1 of the best units I have seen done with Army Painter!!!

  10. I'm doing my first foray into 28mm (Saga) and even though I have a brand new tin of AP, I didn't use it for my first Warband. After seeing your results, I'm encouraged to give it a go with my next batch of figures. Great results, great tutorial, great blog! You can count me as a follower.