09 June 2024

Serafimovich- Game 3 Bobrovsky

Ten days ago myself and Dan got together to play our next game in our Battle of the Sunflowers campaign set in July-August of 1942 during the German Fall Blau operation. We cannot use the same platoon in consecutive games. Dan decided to go with a fresh platoon, I used the platoon from my first game, this was a new table which replicates the Assault on Bobrovsky on July 30, 1942.

Italian Attackers- 3rd Bersaglieri (FM 10)

Bersaglieri Autoportati Platone #3 (Superior Regulars FR -1)

1 Senior Leader

3 Squadras of 13 men, lead by a JL (3 man Breda LMG w/ rifleman team, 8 man Rifle team)

Supports 13

2 x Semovente 47/32

Extra Squad


Soviet Defenders-154th Rifle Division (FM 11)

Platoon #1 (Regulars FR 0)

1 Senior Leader

4 sections of 11 men, lead by a JL  (no teams, LMG with 3 crew and 7 rifles)-less 3 men

Supports 6

MMG Team

M1937 45mm ATG w/JL

The Game

Soviets on the left
Attack and Defend Scenario
Italian Approach
Patrol Markers, I believe I finally got the better of Dan for the first time in 3 games.
Italian JOP's
Soviet JOP's
I deduced to make this farm with stom=ne walls my main line of defence

Dan advanced into this house but my second line of defence as seen below gave him quite a lot of grief both getting in there and one he was in....
Hard to stand up to a section, a MMG team as well as a 47mm ATG
Dan also tried to advance through the forest into the fields but 2 sections in the farmhouse compound were able to thwart that attempt. Dan's 2 tanks advance barely but in the open. My 47mm ATG took quite awhile to zero in but were able to eventually cause both tank teams to bail out. As you can also quite a bit of shock was accumulated all round on the Italians and their FM fell to 3 at which point Dan wisely chose to withdraw.

Well, a much better game played by the Soviets but I have to say that this was a much easier table to defend on. We are hoping to play our next game at Dan's so same scenario but a different looking terrain. It should be interesting.

The Butcher's Bill

Italian Platoon #3 (FM 3)
21 figures lost + JL
10 dead, 6 missing
CO -1
MO -3
Outlook Thoughtful

Soviet Platoon #1  (FM 9)
2 figures lost
1 dead, 1 missing (2 dead in this platoon, 1 missing for next game)
CO +2
MO +4
Outlook Cheerful

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