12 June 2024

Dracula's America-The Nameless Ritual

A little over a week ago myself and Luis got together at his place to play our third game in our DA's Forbidden Powers campaign. I was quite looking forward to the game, as I had lost the last game and I had built up my posse of Nephilim to take on Luis's Cultists.

We are playing the scenarios in order from the source book and in this scenario a cult (we presume a different cult than Luis's, maybe something like the cult in Inspector Legrasse's adventure in the Louisiana swamps in 1908)  has seized some villagers and are keeping them in an abandoned church in the middle of the swamp. There are 5 villagers and 6 cultists. If a posse can save them they are worth 4VP, but if one delays they end up being killed by the cult.

As usual Luis put forward an excellent terrain, here is the ruined church with the cultists and the villagers
I started my posse in the lower left while Luis started in the upper right
Before I could do much, a Shoggoth showed up on my side of the table, I had put Loki and Azrael in a boat so I could move them rapidly to the house south of the church so they could set up a firing position looking at the church to cover the rescue party. I also sent out my Bokor to harass Luis's characters as they tried to rescue the villagers. Best laid plans! I had to turn the boat around and rapidly retreat from the Shoggoth. By now I had sent in Malpas to be the first of my posse to try to bring back a villager. By turn 3, the cultists had focused their attention almost exclusively on Luis posse, but I had to deal with the Shoggoth. Surprisingly, on his second try, Astaroth was able to summon the Seraphim to try to kill the the Shoggoth. This was almost an impossible task.

By now, my posse had rescued 2 of the hostages while Luis was in the process of rescuing 2 as well. I gave up trying to kill the Shoggoth with the summoned Seraphim, but I was able to get Astaroth close enough to cast a Banish spell and the Shoggoth was gone. The game was quite close now, as Luis had also gained points by killing a creature himself and was on his way out with the 5th and final hostage......
......but I had a plan, I sent in the Seraphim to kill Luis's posse member who was escorting the villager. They were still in the church just moving out, but what Luis had done was to put Mr T on Lookout. I moved in, and with great dice rolling and an abysmal save roll on behalf of the Seraphim...he was killed! Victory to the Luis's Cultists.

This was the best DA game I have played to date, it was a lot of fun and up until Turn 6 it could have been any one's game. I look forward to the next.

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