16 May 2022

Huzzah 2022-Chain of Command


Last Friday, I had a quick trip to Portland, ME for the annual convention put on by the The Maine Historical Wargamers Association. I could only go for a half day as I have been recently working around the clock. This was the first convention in 3 years so it was extended by a day with 3 days of wargaming rather then the usual two. 

I actually had signed up for 2 games, one Friday morning and one in the afternoon. The afternoon game was cancelled, I would have liked to have played it as it was a WWII version of Epic. But the highlight, of course ,was going to be Dick Bryant's CoC game. I have played three times in Dick's games in the past and they are always characterised by excellent terrain and scenarios. This game was the best he has put on.

The scenario "Just Another Bridge" pitted a German Rifle Platoon against an Elite American Paratrooper Platoon. It was not immediately obvious that although the Americans were the attackers, the German defenders had to go on the attack to win the game. We had 4 players, 3 novice and myself, whom Dick had characterised by epitaph "Expert". I was one of the Germans and as it came to pass Expert does not mean Good!

I will not go into the game itself but Dick and his friend Richard put on an excellent game and my 3 fellow players were all great and picked up on the game quite quickly. So quickly, in fact that the novices easily won the game. Here are some photos.
Dick explaining to Bill and Jon the how to play the game.

Some American Paratroopers, they are protecting a squad of engineers whose task is to blow the bridge.

The Germans aggressively advancing with 2 squads to Handgranaten the Engineers. 

The American engineers were quite difficult to get LOS on.

Thanks to Bill and Jon who played the Americans and David who played with me for the Germans. 


  1. Sorry I missed you my friend

  2. Great looking table and an interesting game. I'd love to meet Dick as he's been a regular follower of the blog. When I first got back into miniatures it was with Crossfire and Dick's excellent set of six introductory 2x2 games were what helped me learn the rules (and now teach them to others).