24 July 2021

Terrain Update-28mm

As mentioned a few posts back, I am trying to catch up on photographing some of the projects that I have been working on over the last year. My blog certainly got taken over by gaming, but I still do a lot of terrain and figure painting.

I have somehow or another got myself in 4 different gaming scales, aside from Chain of Command and yet another skirmish game that I will not mention yet, my skirmish wargaming is in 28 mm. This is as it should be. SAGA, SP2, and Muskets and Tomahawks are all games I play in 28mm. A local gamer (well in New England) Dave Valentine has recently written a set of rules called the Devil in The Wilderness. He had a kickstarter which featured figures for the game as well as the rules with cards and an online engine to play the game. I will always try to support local initiatives, so I bought into the kickstarter. I understand the game is set in a early historic New England and has some supernatural elements involved. You can read more about it on the website, but being a huge Lovecraft fan I was immediately attracted.

In the lead up to any new gaming adventure, I always focus on terrain. Some of my Muskets and Tomahawks terrain will certainly do but I knew I needed more town terrain. Since getting in 3D printing most of the terrain I use is printed by myself. The stuff is from the 3D-Print Terrain Americana sets. It has been slow going and I will need a bit more scatter and a couple of more buildings but I think I am now ready to give the game a try. I was forced to speed up my efforts as the figures for the game have finally arrived from the manufacturer and are about to be sent out.

Scatter terrain can be pumped out pretty quickly on the resin printer.

The house are done on the FDM printer, I use a lot of Citadel washes for buildings.

I find fences difficult to print but these seem OK.

Some forest creatures, yet to receive some matt.

I used Apothecary White Contrast paint for the exterior.

I suspect the houses may not be exactly accurate for the 17th century but they will do. Look forward to giving the game a go!

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