11 January 2021

And you thought I stopped painting!

I need to apologise that my blog has been so gaming focused rather than hobby focused. I still do a lot of painting as well as terrain work but I have never been good at taking photographs. Find it a little boring I suppose. I have actually taken these photos twice, I first did them with a white background but did not like the look so have gone with them in situ.

When Muskets and Tomahawks II came out, I really only had a British force, I was able to play one or 2 games last summer with them using my militia as Milice Canadien and my Indians as French allies. With Virtual gaming you really need to get both side so time to build up the French. I bought a bunch of Conquest figures from Warlord Games and then the next day I found out that Brigade Games had a FIW Kickstarter, I had a good look at their figures. They looked at an excellent match for the Conquest figures so I thought I would put my hand in.

I really favour the Conquest Miniatures, they are beautifully sculpted and are much more anatomic than most of the other manufacturers, which I find too large and orc like. Well, I have to say that I was really pleased with the Brigade Games miniatures, they are indeed an excellent match. They are also really nice figures, I was especially impressed with the Indians. They were quite interesting.

These were all painted over the last few weeks, a lot of Contrast Paints with Citadel washes and then highlighted. The brown spectrum contrast paints are quite useful and I really like the Apothecary White over a flat white Tamiya airbrushed primer with VMC Silver Grey and Off-White highlights.

Milice Canadien Leader, British Officer, Indian Sachem, French Officer

Conquest on each end with 2 Brigade Games in the centre

Civilians from Brigade Games

Brigade Games Indians

Brigade Games Highland Lights

Conquest Miniatures Milice Canadien

Conquest Miniatures Compagnies Franches de la Marine

Quebec Unit

Montreal Unit

I still have about 20-30 figures left, although I doubt whether I will paint them all. Maybe a few more Indians, another unit of Highland Lights as well as the Trois Rivières unit of les Compaignies Franches. I also think I may try to find some figures that I can paint as British/American Provincial units. 

I really enjoyed painting these figures and am very pleased how they came out.


  1. Lovely figures. Could you clarify which range the 'Brigade Games Civilians' are from? They look great but I couldn't see them on their website?
    Many Thanks.

    1. thanks, I find the Brigade games websit a bit difficult to navigate

  2. Nice work on your figures and have to agree with you on your Model selection, Conquest and Brigade are well proportioned figures, I also favor the Perry range as they also match up well with the others you mentioned.
    cheers John

    1. I have been thinking about getting some Perry's especially as I am having some problems sourcing figures for British Provincials.