12 April 2018

For Sale: Crescent Root Studio 15mm Western Europe Set

This is probably the last sale for a while, but I maybe putting some painted 4-Ground and Italeri 1/72 Houses up for sale. I am just trying make my WWII 20mm / 1/72 terrain collection visually coherent and I am still thinking about it.

What I am selling is the Crescent Root Studio 15mm Western Europe House collection. I see these are no longer available and it is with a lot of reluctance I am selling them. Unfortunately they just do not really fit with my collection being just a little smaller. As you can see below these are just excellent quality.
As you can see they are superbly painted MDF.

They are double walled and each house comes with an extra top which represents a destroyed layer.

There are a total of 5 houses and as you can see they come on a excellently illustrated mouse pad base
Each house also has an individual base some with walls

As I am reluctant to sell these they are not going for Fire Sale pricing. These are all still in their original individual boxes and are in excellent shape being only used once or twice.

As noted these are no longer available so the selling price is $200 $150, shipping in the US is included. You are not going to get this opportunity again. These are really the best pre-painted building available for wargaming that I have seen.


  1. Good luck to you, they look superb!

  2. Not my scale but well worth the asking price otherwise, I would say!

  3. John,
    Are these buildings still available?


    John H.

    1. Yes they are, PM me through TMP or direct at jaemichael@comcast.net