09 April 2018

For Sale: 28mm French Napoleonic Command Stands

I have finally got around to sorting the remnants of my 28mm Napoleonic Collection. I had held on to these as I was not sure what I would need for Sharp Practice, but a couple of recent games have suggested to me what I need to keep.

These are all painted to a good table top standard and I would like to sell them quickly. There are 16 mounted figures all nicely based as you can see below. I believe most are Front Rank, with some Perry's and I think Victrix. They are all metal.

$100 will get you all 16 figures (+ a free standing ADC) with free postage in the US. I will defray cost by US$12 for shipping abroad by USPS Priority post medium box. You can click here for postage cost to any country. Put in Medium PP Box as shipping vehicle.

Colonels and Chef de Batallions
The Perry wounded dragoon set
Generals de Brigade and a General de Division base