23 December 2012

Mordor: Orks, Warg Riders and the Mouth of Sauron

Next up in my son's LotR collection is Mordor. He has a size-able collection here, and I thought he did a nice job on these figures. I recently painted 6 orcs that were unpainted in order to fill the trays. I wonder if you can pick them out.
I always liked the job he did on the banner.
Mouth of Sauron, maybe a bit more detail could have been added.
Typical Games Workshop, you have to buy 2 Mouths!
Great looking figures.
Contest Update:
Well work and Xmas are interfering of course, but I should be able to submit my first 150pt unit tomorrow, I finished the terraining today and just need to spray some matt, and take some photos of the figures. I have about 50% of the 2nd 160pt unit done and maybe if lucky I will be able to get the dip applied by Boxing Day. Then on to some skirmish figures. 



  1. Fantastic looking minis...I would not be an elf!

  2. With The Hobbit in the screens this seasons, I suppose you are enjoying!
    Merry Christmas