21 December 2010


Well it took me about 5 weeks, but I finally got the Hougoumont complex completed. When I got tired of painting figures, I found it a nice relief to paint the Hovels 15 mm buildings. It was a pretty simple paint job, but I believe pretty effective. Probably never spent more than 10-12 hours actually working on it. I sprayed the buildings white and then used thinned acrylic paints as a medium wash. Only used 6 colours, all Citadel: Tanned Flesh, Dwarf Flesh, Fenris Grey, Charadon Granite, Knarloc Green and Gryphonne Sepia. The AP Darktone was applied, followed by a dry mat. I did touch up some of the white with a white dry brush. 

The total complex, including the formal gardens is about 63x74 cm. The actual complex with the full size formal garden was around 120x225 metres. I cut the length of the formal garden by half, historically it was more then twice the size of the walled compound. I believe this gives me a ground scale of approximately of 5 cm to 1 metre.

Looking from the southeast, you can see the barricaded south gate, as well as the "killing ground" south of the formal garden wall.
Looking from the northeast at the barricaded north gate. The northern part of the formal garden had an hedge rather than a wall.
Looking from the southwest. The complex itself was surrounded by a small forest that was actually about 3-4 times of the depth of the complex itself. There was also extensive orchards to the west of the formal gardens. These are underrepresented or not represented here. The tree stands are from Architects of War


  1. Wow! It came out really nice! Exiting indeed.

  2. I agree... a great project!

  3. Fantastic work there, John. Both the Chateau and the woods!

    My trees always come out looking like emaciated ferns.

  4. Great work - That will be a most impressive objective to either attack or defend. Your terrain making skills are only surpassed by your figure painting.

    I look forward to seeing Hougoumont in a game, hopefully being liberated by those dashing frenchies!

  5. Well done John - that's some terrific wargaming scenery you've created. The touches of greenery really make the estate come alive - just in time for some of Jerome's boys to come a knockin'!

    Merry Christmas to you.


  6. Thanks Guys, I am hoping to start the game tomorrow, I have to work today and still have 6 chasseurs to paint and the battalion to base. Still turning over some ideas on the rules in respect to BUA.

    I am also responsible for cooking the Xmas feast, going to do duck.....which I have never done before. Always tricky when people are coming!!

    Anyway happy Xmas to you all, interesting to reflect back that wargaming brings together people from all over the world. Just look: Sweden, Spain, Japan, US and Australia and me a Newfoundlander in exile.

  7. Lovely job John. Looking forward to the battle report.

    Seasons Greetings to you and good luck cooking the duck.


  8. Hi John
    Merry Christmas to you and the yours!

  9. Your modeling work is simply stunning! I am very impressed. I had not realized that the footprint of the Hougoumont plus the gardens and woods was so big. I can see that it would serve as terrain for a battle dealing soley with the defense of the position.