16 October 2010

French Chefs de bataillon

When I started painting napoleonic figures about 4 years ago, there was little information on the internet, I do not remember seeing any blogs and very few manufacturers had decent web sites. Since then the information growth has been exponential.
Being a solo wargamer, I find having a blog is just great. It keeps me in touch with other wargamers, I see what others are doing and I get all kinds of great ideas on how to do things.
One thing I have tried to do on my site is put up some comparison shots of different manufacturers. Today are some French mounted infantry chefs d'batallion. Here we have five different manufacturers. Please try not to judge their quality by my painting job. These have been painted over a 4 year period with the Perry chef d'bataillon and the Foundry lègere colonel figure being the most recent. They are all nice figures and I have no problems recommending any of them.

I hoping to soon put up some photos of some buildings I have acquired, this is a really tricky area as the different manufacturer described sizes have absolutely nothing to do with their actual sizes.



  1. Nice line up, John. I've always liked that Front Rank officer waving his bicorne. I admire your prolific output!

    Thank heavens for the Internet. I'm sure that if I didn't have the motivation and support that was provided by blogs out there by people like you and Iannick during my days in the "wilderness", I may well have given up on the hobby-or at least on Napoleonics.

  2. Nice guys these 'chefs of bataillon'. I know that French colonel wore white plumes but what was the colour of lieteunat colonel and majors?

  3. I like you having a blog too. :D

    Seriously though, I always look forward to your posts, being a bit of a solo gamer myself. It's nice to see how other people have dealt with problems like not having an opponent.

  4. Great line of figures John. I particularly like the Victrix guy waving his hat. Also useful comparison. Foundry and Elite we knew about but I found the FR figure surprisingly large (nice figure though). Good thing is they all more or less fit in with one another. My collection is the same - an ecelectic mix of figures of which all but the old Foundry and Minifigs ('true' 25s) seem to fit together.

    Thanks for the post - you've reminded me to do up a couple of my French Chefs d'Bttn!


  5. Thanks Robert.

    Rafa, my understanding is that the lt col had a red and the major a red over white plume.

    Thanks Dan

    Doc, the FR is the biggest, but I find they are all fine, although the Foundry horse is small.


  6. Very nice miniatures.
    However, you should not say "Chefs d'bataillon" but "Chefs de bataillon".
    In French, the contraction of "de" to "d'" only applies when the following letter is a vowel, never a consonant.
    I know, french langage is so curious sometimes ;-)



  7. Merci Bruno, C'est bon de vous entendre. J'ai régle la problème.

    J'éspere bientôt trouver "a post" sur "Bruno's Wargaming Corner"