11 October 2010

The 95th got their colours!

A few months ago, I discovered Maverick Flags, so I thought I would post a photo of my latest acquisition. Now, I am well aware that light regiments usually do not have colours. But what is a wargaming unit without a little flag. The great thing about Maverick is that Stuart knows that all units need colours, so he had one for the 95th. I had already purchased the colours for the South Essex, so I knew Stuart's flags are of great quality. It was with impatience that I waited for my flags to arrive from overseas. So here we go, the 95th in skirmisher order with their new pennant.
Here is a nice close up, you can see that it is a linen flag that is especially nice. I am not sure where Stuart got the design from, but it is very similar to the one in the TV production of Sharpes Eagle.
Front Rank, of course, does not provide a flag bearer with their rifles figures, so I had to "cut one up". This is one of their sergeants. I removed his rifle and filed a groove in his hand for the pole. It came out pretty well. It also illustrates the improvement in my painting style, the rest of the figures were painted about 2 years ago, and our pennant bearer was done yesterday. It is nice to know that painting miniatures can be learned. I know my method is not a traditional one, but I am really starting to quite like my figures.


  1. Nice touch John, the unit looks great. Looking at that list of painted units in the side bar I see your collection must number many hundreds now? Pretty impressive I bet to see that lot together!


  2. Thanks, Lee. I think the latest count is 1019 figures.

  3. Crikey John! That's a lot of figures! Miles left a comment on my blog the other day saying how all our armies seem to grow exponentially. So true. That's the delightful trouble with the hobby - you've always got to collect more!

    I bet they look good en masse eh?