13 June 2010

Reorganised Anglo-Portuguese Army

Well, I am happy to get this done, I will never rebase again (famous last words), quite pleased with the result though. I have again taken the Lasalle Army Builder and used it to organise my armies. Since the primary area of interest for me is the Peninsula, I decided to go with a Core Light Division as my primary force. I will substitute out the KGL, once I get the 43rd painted. I also had the battalions for the Core Guard Division (1st Division) and I used the III Division (Picton), as the basis for my Organic Infantry Brigade. I am still trying to decide what Division to base the Core Infantry Division, as you can see I have a couple of highlander battalions painted. I might use elements of the 5th Division as I want to paint some Brunswickers, but it might be better to utilize them as an Allied Brigade.
A nice overview of the army as it now stands.
The British forces.
The Core Light Division, I will keep the Caçadores based in skirmish order, but I have rebased the 1/95th in closed order. I need 4 more figures for each battalion.
The Guards Division.
I decided to substitute a Portuguese Dragoon regiment as the 3rd light dragoon regiment for the Reserve Light Cavalry Brigade. The Portuguese had tiny cavalry regiments, so this unit represents the combined 4th and 10th Portuguese Cavalry Regiments.
The nidus of the Lasalle Core Infantry Division, I suspect that I will look at the Quatre Bras/Waterloo OB before I make my final decisions about the composition of this division.
Two allied brigades are on offer in the peninsular theatre, I will probably paint both, as I can use the Brunswickers in the Hundred Days as well. Here is the plan for the Portuguese Allied Brigade.
I like the Portuguese Front Rank figures, I decided to abandon historical units here and just paint the units, so I would get each of the three coloured Portuguese Regimental flags.


  1. Re-basing eh? The scurge of my wargaming life! The figures look terrific - keep it up.


  2. Rebasing - the very thought of it puts my nerves on edge. I can't get anything new done at the moment let alone revisit the old! My current theory is that the rules must work to my basing, not vice-versa. Hopefully these are not famous last words!! 8O)

    It all looks good to date. Keep up the good work. You'll reap your rewards on the gaming table. Perfect!

    von Peter himself

  3. The big battalions look great, well worth the effort.

    And congratulations on the 20k milestone, I can fully understand it as there's so much useful info to be found here and your enthusiasm comes shining through.

    The cycling trip sounds fun, and you're looking good there John!

    Keep it going,