28 June 2010

1/IR4, the Hoch und Deutchsmeister

From Knõtel with Helmuts.

With Shakos

Thankfully, I have all that rebasing under my belt, so I have been able to start painting again. First up were some Austrians. I have all Front Rank figures, and they are really great for my painting technique. White prime, with thinned acrylics and then Army Painter. All units will be from FM Nordmann's Avantgarde at Wagram in 1809. This is my original attempt before I corrected the painting errors
Here are 1/IR4, the Hoch und Deutchsmeister. I used the soft tone Army Painter here, I am quite happy with the result. Their distinguishing characteristic is blue facings and yellow buttons. So I fixed the cocardes, they are now yellow with a black dot (don't laugh at my dots, I will use a marker from now on), flagtop is bronze and although you can not see it the musicians now have white piped shoulders. I know the flagpole and the drum are not correct, but I have to think about this a little longer.
A little dark maybe, but you can see the drummers.
Here is 2 bases of an eventual 3 base Light Austrian Cavalry unit. I really enjoyed painting these figures, I used the Army Painter midtone here. So you can see that for 4 of the 6 figures, I used the correct facings for artillerymen, I left 2 of them with blues facings and will treat them as handlangers.

Great figures are they not!

And finally to show that I am not slacking here is the command stand of 2/IR48, the Bellegarde. They have nice distinctive red facings with grey buttons.



  1. Nice job - the Army Painter tone gives a nice subtle definition to the white uniforms.

    Just one small thing: artillery crew had red cuffs and collars, the light blue collars and cuffs on your artillerymen were actually the 'Handlanger-Corps' (artillery fusiliers - blokes that protected & hauled the guns - not the gunners).


  2. Thanks Doc, I am having a bit of a struggle with the Austrians as a paucity of info, I will have to fix the artillery, fortunately you picked it up for me, I still have 5 more cannon to go.

    I have also subsequently found out that IR48, changed their facing colour from a bright crimson to a more burgandy colour

  3. Those look very nice, good work! I like the colorings you did as well. other than what Doc pointed out...


  4. Yeah! Austrians!

    Great job John!

  5. Hi John - I didn't realise you were having troubles finding info - should have posted this reference for you earlier:


    Its got fairly complete information on the three arms of the Austrian army including uniforms, facings etc. This is one of the best compilations I've found on the 'net. Other than that you have to go to the Ospreys - also available online I believe (you can also pick the series on the Austrians up cheap through Amazon). Hope this is of some help.


  6. Hi,

    Many thanks for all the advice.

    the artillery have already been repaired! New photos should appear soon.

    Doc, thanks for the advice, the web site is well known to me, but did not have much on artillery uniforms, I have the first 2 ospreys on the Austrians, but again no artillery info. I found this neat site, which would be great aside from the advertising.


    Again many thanks,


  7. Hello John,

    Those Austrians really do look great! The AP has really done its job there in subtly shading those white uniforms, and the big battalion looks extremely menacing!

    Looking forward to more photos.