19 September 2009

Wavy Flag Tutorial

I like a wavy looking flag and I just could not get the effect I wanted from rolling the flag. After looking at the Flagdude style I decided to try to micmic it. I had a bunch of GMB flags, so adaption was required.

I cut the flags and use a glue stick.

I attach them to rigid poles temporarily.
And soak in some water for 30-60 seconds.
The tricky bit is scrunching them up, as you can see the paint is slightly cracked in the upper flag. You have got to be careful.
Let them dry standing up, I wait at least 12 hours.
I then slide them off the wires and slide them on the already attached flag poles. Use a tiny bit of super glue to attach them.
I then paint the edges (GW enchanted blue and blood red are good matches for GMB french flags). Attache the points (I can not find my Front Rank eagles which is pissing me off) and I think you have quite a nice effect.
Le deuxième bataillon/82e Ligne command group


  1. Your tutorial was very helpful - I haven't picked out flags yet for my force so it was also very timely. I think I'll give the "flag dudes" product a try as those flags look a lot better than the ones that come in the Perry box.


  2. Thanks Miles, I have some of their flags they are quite nice.


  3. Great tutorial, and nice flags for a good-looking unit!

    I love the GMG flags. Well worth their price, but I admit to getting sweaty palms at the thought of accidentally spoiling them when it comes to gluing them together!

  4. I have a c'est la vie sort of attitude!!!


  5. John,

    I have purchased all of my GMB flags needed for WATERLOO and was wondering how to make the flags wavy. Perfect timing on your article. Thanks!,

    Chris Maine

  6. Thanks Chris,

    I would suggest that you practice the technique with a couple of un-important flags before you do it on the important ones. You can ruin the flag, but done carefully it gives a very nice reult.