13 September 2009

Terrain Table: Roads 1

I constructed my roads my using drywall compound as the base with fine sand and little stones as the relief. I then paint the road heavily with Burnt Umber, and then progressive dry brushes of Yellow Oxide and Buff. I then blend the road into the terrain using Earth Blend fine turf (Woodland Scenics®).

More photos to come.....


  1. Fabulous job on the modular terrain and war game table - I really like how you can create a large hill to serve as a focal point. Excellent work. I'm looking forward to seeing your Victrix progress - hopefully you'll find more success with the little than I have!

  2. Thanks jmilesr, I should have the Victrix units done in about a week, I am not as fast as you. I am amazed at your production speed.