24 May 2023

What a Cowboy-The Rescue


I have been getting quite behind in my posting and now trying to catch up. Although I have played quite a few games of What a Cowboy over the last few years, I hosted my first game of what a cowboy about 10 days ago at the Abyss in Montreal. I had planned to host 4 players but one did not show up, so I ended up playing myself. It all went pretty well and I am hoping the players enjoyed the game. I know it was much anticipated.

I had spent the 2 weeks before printing up terrain and the accruements for the game. I then had to paint it all. Pierre-Yves had supplied all the stuff needed for all the games played to date. He has quite a collection, including many building so I decided to play a game in the dessert. I needed rocks, a camp and some vegetation. You will see below what I have collected so far. 

I went with 2 characters per player, so we had 8 cowboys on the table. I decided to give each player a Gunslinger and a Shootist. Each cowboy also got a desperado card. We played the rescue scenario, with the sheriff's daughter having been kidnapped by some desperados, played by Luis and Korrigan. Myself and David played the good guys. The sheriff's daughter was held at a camp in the middle of the dessert. I should mention also that Luis supplied all the cowboys, who I believe were probably painted by Graham.
Game set-up. I am using PY's great dashboard to track dice and ammo. They are available on Wargaming 3D. Highly recommended. 
The Damsel in distress.

David started from our left side and I started on oour right. Luis was guarding the prisoner and Korrigan was supporting on the bad guys right opposite David.

My Shootist manages to sneak into the camp while David is distracting Korrigan.

Looking tricky with Luis's gunslinger and shootist trying to trap me.
My shootist makes it to the table edge and wins the game for the good guys!

I had a lot of fun with this and I am sure I will put together a bit more terrain. I do have some of my own figures (Mexican Banditos), who I am sure will make it to the table soon enough. Thanks to Luis, David and Korrigan for playing the game. I should also say the rules are extremely well written and give a great game.

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