16 December 2017

AHPC VIII-Terrain Preparation

I usually do not do a preparation post for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, but the addition of terrain as an entry this year is a big plus for me. Terrain takes a lot of room and my hobby area is quite cluttered. It is especially cluttered with terrain and I need to get multiple pieces done and shelved somewhere or another.
With very little searching I was able to dig out the above. From left to right we see a 15/20 mm model of Monte Cassino, the site of an iconic WWII battle, from Monday Knight Productions; some 20mm stone fencing from Italeri; some Batbases to build some more 6mm North African Mountains; a 15mm fountain from the the company that used to be JR Miniatures and many feet of 20-25mm hedges from the now sadly defunct Small Terrain. I think this will be a good start!

To your left you can also see Santini, one of our cats. She is a lovely cat and spends a lot of time with me when I am soldiering. I also felt it would be nice to show a photo of our newest cat, Luchini.
As you can see this is a very greedy cat who eats the equivalent of it's own weight 3 times per day. Photos of cats would not be complete without a photo of our lovely Prescillini who was killed after being hit by a car on July 31st past. We still miss her very much and Xmas will not be the same with her not being here.


  1. Great looking terrain collection lined up there. Glad to see I'm not the only one taking advantage of this new entry

    The cats all look lovely. Sorry to hear about Prescillini

  2. I am especially eager to see what you do with the hedges, John. Lovely cats, so sorry about the departed one!
    Just don't let them anywhere near Geohex!

  3. I have a lot of respect for those who can muster the energy to paint terrain...for me each stroke of a paint brush on a piece of terrain is a lost moment to paint a figure that I can never get back...

    Your stuff will look awesome John! Can't wait to see it in the Challenge!

    1. I think it is mostly that I have a lot of figures but always am looking for more terrain.

  4. Good project and choice !
    Yours "italian" cats will appreciate !
    Wé understand your sadness... We have the kindest cat never lived and he die in Our arms...

    And yesterday preparing the Xmas gifts for the 4 cats of the familly We remaind him !
    Taie pleasure in pour project

  5. Nice to see you're getting prepped for the Challenge, John. That Casino piece looks rather impressive. I'm more of a dog person, but I'll take a cat over most humans anyday. Luchini looks to be very sweet (and mischievous).

    1. Thanks Curt, I have had the Casino piece for a couple of years, I am looking forward to get it painted.

  6. Good luck in the challenge John, and happy holidays!!

    Luchini is adorable.


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