23 July 2017

Matataww'ia for SAGA

It is nice to get back to some 28mm figure painting. One of the good things about SAGA is you can paint up some Dark Age figures and these will do for many Northern European warbands. But they are not going to work for the crusades.

Several years ago I painted up some Andalusian Moors before SAGA: the Cross and the Crescent was released. I could get 4 points toward a moslem warband but not more. Over the winter, I painted up some moorish bowmen so I was just one point away. I decided to go with a Dogs of War unit to make up the extra point and after having a look, I decided of course to go with some Naffatta. Who would have thought it. 

I decided to go with Footsore Miniatures, I have had bad experiences with casting on other producers of moorish 28mm miniatures. The Footsore only have two Naffatta figures but I felt this was OK and I have had some excellent casting from them in the past. These were a little rough but cleaned up easily enough.

I also needed a Warlord that was a little less spectacular than the one I had painted for my Andalusian force, the Matataww'ia were a pretty grim bunch.

So there we have it, by painting up 4 more bowmen, I can also field a Saracen warband!