22 July 2014

Longstreet Campaign: Game 8

Our 8th and penultimate battle was fought at the Hobby Bunker June 26. We played the Crossroads scenario for a second time and I elected to defend. 
used with permission
I set up my artillery on both flanks but this was a bit of a mistake as Adam's main thrust was towards the centre. It took me quite a bit of time (ie near the end of the first deck) to get them brought into battle.

Adam's initial attack was quite successful and I was thrown back and he captured the crossroads to earn himself an Epic Point. I was also a little unlucky with my deck as all my interrupt cards were very slow in coming. It really did look quite grim but eventually my cannon were brought to bear and I was able to defeat the Rebels. It was a very close game though and we both I believed played quite well. I lead going into the last game by 1 Epic Point. You can see the complete AR on Adam's blog the Fencing Frog.
146th NY being pummeled in combat.

My post game process was so-so, I got 2 Light Artillery cards which were of little benefit. But the Priority card will be quite useful in the last battle and with the See the Elephant and Hail to the Chief cards I was able to improve my units. But the best card was the US Coloured Troops which allow me to field a 10 base regiment of eager troops. You can see the full post battle process below.
As you can see two new units have entered the fray (still need to base them), the 19th Indiana and the 54th Massachusetts. I see that Adam has had two more Longstreet games at the Whiz and he has a many experienced troops. He has been a formidable opponent. 
Well we will see how it goes, the Campaign deciding game is in two days. Stay tuned.


  1. great looking campaign - I need to get one organized in my area

  2. Neck and neck, coming down to the wire!

  3. Very cool campaign John. Good on both of you for keeping up with it as these things can be tough to schedule/manage. Sounds like you're having a great time with the system as well.