30 July 2013

Dark Age Additions

I am suffering the usual ennui in respect to posting photos on my blog, have been quite busy at work and it has been very hot, but I have been working away on things and have got quite a lot accomplished over the last month or two.

All Gripping Beast figures except the Oxen

SAGA Steppe Nomads, will see some action as mercenaries for my Al-Andalusians

SAGA Mad Monks, a hired sword unit for my SAGA Anglo-Saxons

I think the left figure represents  Merlin, but he will be Ionannis  for my Dux Britanniarum campaign. The right is a Wandering Bard for both SAGA and Dux. Need some matt.

Some Sarissa Precision Oxen Carts, really very nice, easy to assemble MDF. 

More Sarissa Precision structures

Well priced too!

I forgot to order a gate
A church from the famous German modeling company. Maybe too late for the dark ages.

Some 4-Ground pre-painted houses. Still deciding whether to paint the thatch.


  1. That's a fair lump finished there

  2. Your collection is becoming quite impressive! Some points about the structures:
    1. The church is rather too late for the period. The windows look much too wide and the walls seem a bit too thin...
    2. The thatch on the houses is OK for new thatch which would be pretty close to that. Older thatch tends to darken and also have a gray patina.
    3. In general the buildings are marvelous...all the best with them!

    The Mad Monks might be re-mnamed The Fighting Friars which would explain a bit better their propensity for weopons.

    Again...a mighty nice collection. Kudos.
    The Celtic Curmudgeon

  3. Looks good. These are coming along nicely.

  4. Wow, that's very-very imnpressive
    Inspiring for my future Dux project

  5. Looking realy good !!!

    Best regards michael

  6. A great selection of figures and scenery! Love the wagons, may have to get some of those, me thinks.

  7. Lots of progress their - I really like the step nomads

  8. Wow, that is a load of work, John. Well done! I really like those ox carts.

  9. How did I miss this post? What a TON of great work! You're ready to host a Saga tournament and furnish all of the tables!

    All of your good work reminds me I need to buff up my 28mm terrain one day. One day!

  10. These are very nice - I especially like the palisade walls. I have the Keep and have been looking for pictures of the walls - definitely going to pick some up based on your pictures.