14 March 2013

A SAGA Warband from the Emirate of Seville

Here is my penultimate submission (the 14th) to the Painting Challenge, and I am happy it is almost over. Well maybe not as happy as Curt is.

Well here is the Army of the Taifa of Seville, a SAGA warband to repel Nico's Frankish infidels under Raymond of Toulouse whether in Al-Andalus or County of Tripoli. Aside from the Warlord, Abbad al-Isbili  who is mace armed, the Soldiers of God are all armed with javelins. This should be fun as in SAGA this means they can move and fire in one activation. I will most likely be using the Saracen Battleboard from the Studio Tomahawk forum. I am still trying to get Chessex Dice to reply to my emails about some nice custom dice.

The figures are from Musketeer Miniatures and Artisan Design. They are well sculpted, but horribly cast. The Artisan Design figures had the worst mold lines I have come across. Their Berber Javelinmen (they all look like one-eyed mullahs, have a look) and the Berber Light Cavalry horses were particularly bad. Not withstanding this as a group, I am quite happy with them and am pleased to have them off the painting table. 

All the banners are from Little Big Man Studios and I have to say they are really very nice.

The 5-point Warband is comprised of a Warlord, 1 unit of Syrian Heavy Cavalry Hearthguards, 1 unit of Armoured Andalusian Foot Hearthguards, 1 unit of Berber Blackguard Warriors, 1 unit of Berber Jinete Warriors, and 1 unit of Berber Javelinmen Levy. 

Abbad I
Syrian Heavy Cavalry

Andalusian Armoured Infantry

Berber Jinetes

Berber Black Guard

Berber Javelinmen

The one-eyed mullahs!
The Andalusian Emirs who ruled the various taifa relied heavily on mercenaries, mostly from North Africa, but also Christian soldiers from Europe. We will definitely see my Flemish mercenaries in the employ of the Emirate of Sevilla but also maybe some Vikings. 

Well one more submission to go, definitely some Napoleonics this time.



  1. Bravo! This is a magnificent warband, John. I've never seen anyone do this bunch.

    I love Arab armies for their color and pageantry and yours delivers. Is there any chance you could share the secret of the warlords basing? I can't quite tell how you did it but it's great!

  2. Very nice work John, I love the base on the command stand.

  3. They are extremely well done, John. If you didn't point out the faults with the figures I probably wouldn't have noticed.

    Those javelin men all look like they suffered the same wound leading to facial scarring over their left eyes!

    However, your free-hand arabic text on the shields and genreal attention to detail on these figures certainly makes up for any faults with the figures themselves.

    Lovely work!

  4. Very nice. I agree with your comments about Artizan's Berbers. I have some Berber archers and the rye and nose detail from under the veils is very mushy. Again, great work!

  5. Great work John, the Moors are probably my favourite force of the period and you did them justice.

  6. I wanted to thank you for linking to your site via the forum. This is exactly about which I was curious. I'll use your list and will give you feedback as I play. Again! Thanks!!!
    Steve Miller
    DFW Irregulars

    PS: Well done miniatures!!!

  7. Very nice and colourful warband!

  8. Greate looking warband !!!

    Best regards Michael

  9. Fantastic figures, details are amazing!

  10. A very nice army/warband or whatever it's called in Saga. As has been said the arab armies are colourful topics and you've done them proud.

    It does seem a little odd though to read about a "unit of Syrian Heavy Cavalry Hearthguards"

    von Peter himself

  11. Great work, weel done!
    Great pictures too.

  12. Time to hand over Al Kuds!

    Brilliant little horde.

  13. John at his best! Impressive sight. But I have deviced a secret weapon to scater all of them silly infidels... You'll find out soon enough...

    Cheers mon ami!

  14. A lovely looking warband John. Who knows, perhaps I'll see them 'in the flesh' one day in Montreal.

  15. Very nice work. I ran into the same problems with my Artizan Design archers; some mouldlines were actually more than a millimetre thick.