24 May 2010

Something to go on with

It has a month since my last post, so I feel I should put something on the blog to keep interest up. I was away with my wife on a great cycling trip in the south of France for 2 weeks. The soldiers were left on their own under the command of Général Tiff during that period of time; a few flags knocked off, a couple of bayonets bent and a lot of black fur on the terrain, all in all not too bad!

I have also been terraining away with the great adjustment to unit size as documented in the last post, almost done thankfully.

I have got in a bit of painting though since I got back and although I do not like to put unfinished units on my blog, there was not much else to report so I said why not. About a month ago I bought a box of the Perry Dragoons, and since every one has been going on about the Perry hard plastic cavalry, I thought I would have a look. Before I knew it they were glued together and primed so I said why not. Very easy assembly, nice figures for sure. Alas one sprue was missing from the box (the command/standard bearer one), but I decided to push on. Fortunately a very kind fellow gamer heard of my plight and will send me the missing sprue.

They have been painted in the usual fashion with a white primer, thin stains, followed by a dose of Army Painter and a bit of Dullcote to take the shine off.

It was a bright sunny day here in the suburbs of Boston, so I went outside and tried a bit of photography. The usual bad results I am afraid, I just could not get the wretched camera to auto focus and this time the snaps were overexposed. Just can not get these digital cameras to work.

A few photos are ok though so I thought I would put them up, so here are the 15e Dragoons, well some of them anyway.......

I took a sword arm and converted it to a standard bearer, I will change it out when I get the missing sprue.



  1. Hi
    I am thinking about to start with these beautiful Perrys and Victrix figures some day!
    Regards and welcome back!

  2. They've come up very well - the standard bearer in particular. Is that the standard that came with the box or another make? Whichever it is its very good. Well done.


  3. thank you, it is a pre 1812 standard from gmb

  4. I am having the same problems with photographing figures! But the Dragoons look great.


  5. Hmmm...'General'? Tiff got a promotion?

    Leto will be jealous, I will have to promote him to Maréchal! :-)