18 January 2010

Perry Plastics: British Line

It has been a long time since my last post. Xmas was busy with visitors, work and well Xmas. Just after the New Year, I was able to start on a new battalion. I had been planning to finish off the French infantry for the VI Corps in the Army of Portugal, but I was getting tired of blue. This box had been sitting around for a while so I thought I would give it a go. I needed some KGL line to finish off Wellington's 1st division in his Army of Portugal. These 4 battalions are a bit of a challenge as they were quite small, with a total of 1800 men all told. I decided to base these 40 figures as 2 large Lasalle units of 6 bases each, this is pretty close to a figure ratio of 1 figure to 40 men.

The figures were quite easy to assemble and of course were primed white. Ninety percent of each figure was done using washes (both GW and Foundry), only the metal and the facings were done with acrylic paints. Two coats of wash were done at the most, so they were painted quite rapidly, I would say 30 minutes for each figure including basing. I am quite pleased with result. These are very nice figures, I was able to fit 3 on a 40x20 mm base without too much problem. They will be my British line figures of choice from henceforth.

I present them here as the 34 figure 1st Battalion KGL line. The large battalions do look nice, but I would be painting forever to build corps where the battalions are this size. I am thinking about scaling back to divisions, but more about that at another time.
Light company.
Grenadier company.
Two companies of Light KGL deployed as skirmishers. I again used a GW wash, maybe a little "bright green" in the photo. They do look good on the table.
I plan to break this unit in 2 as noted above and add a 40x40 mm command stand with a mounted Colonel, a second ensign and another drummer. These are already done with Front Rank figures, I cut the heads off (they had belgic shakos) and glued on some excess heads from the box. Maybe very slightly microcephalic looking, but I do not believe that anyone would notice unless told.



  1. Very impressive - I think I may give the wash concept a try on my next unit. i really like the Grenadier company.

    Top notch stuff

  2. They look great. Were they quick (and fun) to paint?

  3. Thanks, I can say that these figures were both fun and quick to paint.


  4. HI,

    Very nice, I like that wash method. I also have a blog running using the Perry plastics, (I have a link to this blog on there), you might care to take a look? same figures, different painting methods :-)

    Great blog, I've enjoyed following it.