29 December 2020

Burning Buildings!


Just before Xmas, myself and P-Y got in what I believe will be my last game of 2020. The next couple of days are quite busy as I am working through the New Year.

This was I believe our 4th game in our campaign, we basically decided to drop down to 4 characters each and just play through each of the 6 scenarios. This was number 5; Scorched Earth. In it, the attacker has to burn down one of the buildings in a town. I was not so sure about the scenario but it turned out to be quite close with the game lasting a little under 3 hours. My posse was essentially unchanged aside from the loss of 2 men, while the Sheriff's posse had a new recruit with one of the Greenhorns being promoted to a Shootist.

Jean-Pierre-Gunslinger-Light Brown
Ramone-Greenhorn-Light Grey

Sheriff's Posse
Jacob Cannon-Legend-Orange
Jasper Callahan-Shootist-Yellow
Toothless Howard-Greenhorn-Pink
Three Toed Elten-Shootist-Grey

As usual, it has been about a week since we played the game, but it was a good one. We both drove off or killed 2 characters. I had some bad luck in Fisticuffs near the end of the game giving the Sheriff and his boys a chance to burn the building, so another victory to P-Y. Here are some photos, any TFL fan should enjoy some of the buildings!

Three-Toed Elton takes one between the eyes!

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