24 December 2020

April 9th-Game 6


A couple of weeks ago, we got in our 6th game in the April 9th CoC campaign based on the German invasion of Denmark on the date in 1940. This was the final table in the campaign, appropriately called "Death walks the Streets" The situation was grim for the Danes, they only had 15 men in total left from a starting group of 34. By winning 2 games on Table 3, we were in a position to end up with a draw in the campaign, but a victory in this game would have resulted in a "Morale Victory" for the Danish nation.

Eero has just posted his usual excellent report in the Wargamer's Forum, so you can see what happened by having a look, but I felt I should post some of his excellent photos here.
I should say in conclusion that these guys are great to game with, I have learned quite a few things about playing Chain of Command from them. 

We playing a Drive on Minsk campaign next, this is a homegrown variant on Big Chain of Command which had been partially played a couple of years ago, I am on the Soviet team so it should be fun. After that a Winter War campaign is planned, so lots more gaming planned for Tuesdays mornings!

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