17 December 2020



Another game in our campaign this past week, this time we diced up an Escort Scenario. The Attacker (the Sheriff) in this scenario essentially has too move a Stagecoach across the terrain while at the same time preventing the Defenders (the Banditos). 

I believe we now have the core rules down, although we did mess up the Fisticuffs once or twice in our game. When we read through the scenario, quite a few questions came up. I get a sense we are the only play-testers going through the actual campaign so there is a lot of uncharted ground. We decided to press on and just deal with things as they came up. Our posses were as below, my two shootists were now gunslingers and 3 fingered Juilo was now a legend. Grey Beaver had been killed in the last game so we saw a new Greenhorn in the Sheriff's posse. 

Rubén-Greenhorn-Light Grey
Jean-Pierre-Gunslinger-Light Brown
Ramone-Greenhorn-Dark Brown

Sheriff's Posse
Clyde Barlow-Legend-Blue
Jacob Cannon-Legend-Orange
Jasper Callahan-Shootist-Yellow
Toothless Howard-Greenhorn-Grey
Three Toed Elten-Shootist-Pink
Jadon Three-Fingers-Greenhorn

It was last week when we played and I forget details pretty quickly. What I do remember is that it took 4 hours to play but we did conclude the game with P-Y's Sheriff's Posse getting the stagecoach off the table thus winning the game. It was quite close though, I think we only had 2 men each left on the table. I was able to kill the Sherriff, so "Big Gun" Barlow is out of the picture. I was also able to kill Jadon Three Fingers. Unfortunately, One Eyed Pablo got killed.

The campaign part of this game needs some work for sure as does this specific scenario. I do like the basic rules. In our next game, we are fielding only 4 characters each, with a limit of 2 Legends and a requirement of at least 1 Greenhorn in the posse. We already have these characters in play but if we were going to start again, I believe there should be a limit of 1 Legend and 1 Gunslinger in the posses with a maximum of 4 characters, but starting with just 3. I believe the progression should be more focused on equipment rather than Bonanza tokens, which are much too easy to earn. The Desperado Card progression works well.

Anyway the usual photos!

Equity in the Stagecoach driver ranks!

Got "Big Gun" right between the eyes!

And off the table he goes!

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