04 August 2020

Attack on the Bridge

Yesterday, we had quite a game of CoC with an American Airborne platoon attacking a Panzergrenadier platoon. We played virtually on a terrific looking terrain that P-Y had set up in Montreal.
I played the defenders the Germans, and had a starting FM of 9. I took an IG18 IG in an entrenchment. P-Y took a Sherman and an extra squad. Scenario 6 was used with the bridge being the objective, sort of like Pegasus Bridge but with different troops. This was a very challenging game because of the complexity of the terrain but it was certainly cinematic. Some photos to illustrate the action:
This is a photo taken virtually, amazing clarity with an iPhone fed through OBS and Zoom.
Midway positions, Americans in Blue. We have 2 squads on each at this stage. To the left is my IG gun and to the right is the 60mm American mortar. P-Y Brought on his Sherman....lesson do not bring on a Sherman within 3 range bands of a JOP. I popped on the PzShk team....3 net hits and a roll of 5....kaboom, 2 FM tests.
We are now getting stuck in, the American advance a squad through the fields in the north as well as a squad  to the road, they throw a treble6, all overwatch is removed and over the next couple of phases both the German squad and the PzSchk team break back down the road. I rush a squad along the stone wall towards the bridge, while I send a 2nd squad to take the a JOP. My FM is 4, while P-Y's is 5. It is really touch and go. He moves up a squad to finish off the routing troops, but throws another treble 6. My squad routs off the table, which is good for me as their JL had been killed so no FM test.
P-Y then advanced a squad on the bridge but to the north side so I was not in LOS as I was below the bridge. This gave me an opportunity, as I was now down to a FM of 3 while he had a FM of 4 with a CoC dice in reserve. I got a 3 on my CD roll, I launched Handgranaten! So in a hail of grenades the PzG's went in. We both had a SL, but the Americans had shock.  I am not sure of the actual dice count for the throw but I had 13 kills and 5 shock while P-Y had 9 kills and 4 shock. We actually messed the calculation up....I think I got overexcited. So we called the game a draw, but I think if we did it right, I would have had at least 2 FM tests while P-Y had 3, he could avoid one with his CoC dice but all his troops were killed, including 2 leaders,  so his FM would have dropped below 3, so a draw was reasonable.
Well it was quite a game, we really have to find a universal method of crossing major obstacles as the rules are slightly unclear in respect to how many men can cross in a phase, the terrain made it a little difficult to interpret the movement as there were so many major obstacles as well as narrow passageways. But truly cinematic......thank to P-Y for setting up the coolest table I have ever played on.

Well in an hour I am hosting a CoC Winter War game between 2 guys one in Australia and one in American, I better get a move on!

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