26 July 2020

Virtual Lard

Yesterday I played in Virtual Lard II. I really had great fun and was sorry I had not heard about Virtual Lard I, which I believe took place a few weeks ago. The event took off at 0400h EDT, with the second session starting at 0830h EDT. I was not to keen to get up at 4am, but my friend Pierre-Yves in Montreal actually hosted a Chain of Command game at that ungodly hour. I understand it went well.

The Virtual Con was set up through Virtual Lard Discord Channel. There were 10 games offered in 15 slots, and I believe all slots were filled so around 60 participants. Quite a success for sure, with CoC, IABSM, WaT, SP2, DuxB and Infamy Infamy being featured.

I got to play in a playtest of a new small skirmish game which is otherwise not yet to be described. But I did get permission to take a couple of screenshots of the action. I am not sure why my hand is to my mouth in the 2 photos, I must be a very pensive player. I will not say who I played with, but with careful inspection, one might identify some of players.
Close up
Long view of the 3x3' table.

I have to say it was a great experience and what was most enjoyable was the fact that I got to meet gamers with whom I have communicated for years through the Virtual Pubs that had been set up for after the gaming. I noticed at times there were almost 40 players spread throughout several pubs. I am already looking forward to VLIII!

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  1. In which direction do you take the "long view" of a perfectly square (3' x 3') table? :>D
    I would love to be notified of any upcoming virtual lard games. Thanks
    I hope Huzzah! '21 comes off so I can get you into another F-F CoC game
    Dick Bryant